SEO: Simple Easy Order system flow 簡易訂流程

SEO: Simple Easy Order system flow (Online order)


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簡易訂: 訂購流程(以箱頭12支計) (查詢:

> 1) 客戶登入 或 註冊自己的帳戶 (

> 2) 客戶由網店選購產品並定數量放入購物籃 (可先向公司查詢產品) (


> 3) 選購完後, 往購物籃(可調整產品或數量), 選擇運送方法, 然後往結帳頁. (

> 4) 於結帳頁 (

– 客戶核實個人, 送貨地址, 產品數量金額等,

– 選擇送貨方式 (付款後免費運送 / 付款後待通知安排到取)

– 選擇付款方式 (銀行轉帳/ 轉數快; PayMe; Paypal / 信用咭/借記咭) ,

– 及剔18歲聲明, 然後按落單.

checkout page
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> 5) 按落單後, 轉入訂單詳細畫面(同時間, 訂單詳情已電郵了到客戶郵箱), 可按打印訂單

> 6) 請客戶於訂單發出後12小時內支付貨款. 付後請把憑証電郵到 或 Whatsapp 到 6639 1974. (12小時後未付款之訂單, 會視為自動取消!)

未付款之訂單, 不會留貨, 所以遲付款會有數量, 價格, 或缺貨變動之風險. 務必盡早安排支付! (如因非缺貨退款, 若有銀行手續費, 會在退款中扣除, 敬請留意!)

> 7) 我們確認收到貨款後, 安排運送(一般本地存貨2至14個工作天, 海外存貨14天以上). 本司提供之免費運送, 一般不包偏遠地區( 山頂,南區,香港機場,東涌,愉景灣,馬灣,羅湖, 文錦度, 西貢, 離島及貨車不能直達之地點).


SEO: Simple Easy Order system flow

SEO: Simple Easy Order system flow (order by @set 12 btls) (Contact us:

> 1) Customer login or register own account (

> 2) Customers choose products from the online store and put them in the shopping basket (you can check with the company for products first) (


> 3) After shopping, go to the shopping basket (the product or quantity can be adjusted), select the shipping method, and then go to the checkout page. (

> 4) On the checkout page, (

– the customer verifies the individual, delivery address, product quantity and amount, etc.,

– Select shipping method (free shipping after payment / local pickup after payment)

– Select the payment method (Bank transfer / FPS; PayMe; Paypal / Visa / Master / debit card)

– and tick including the 18-year-old declaration, and then clicks confirm to place the order.

checkout page
Payment icon

> 5) After pressing the confirm order, it will go to the order details screen (at the same time, the order details have been emailed to your mailbox), you can press the print button to print out the order

> 6) Please make payment within 12 hours after the Order issued. After payment, please send payment slip to our email: or Whatsapp to 66391974.

We will not hold the goods for unpaid Order, so late payment will have the risk of changes in the quantity, price, or out of stock. Be sure to arrange payment as soon as possible! (Please pay attention: for refund due to non shortage of stock, if there is a bank handling fee, it will be deducted from the refund.)

> 7) After we confirm the receipt of the payment, we will arrange the delivery (local stock delivery usually 2 to 14 working days, for oversea stock over 14 days). Our free shipping service excluding the remote area (The Peak, Southern district, Hong Kong Airport, Tung Chung, Discovery Bay, Ma Wan, Lo Wu, Man Kam To, Sai Kung, Outlying Islands and place that could not be direct arrival for Van).


Order Enquiry 訂購查詢:

WhatsApp: 66391974


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